High School Education

Academic Transitions

Elementary to High-School (Cycle I)

The transition from elementary to high school is supported through various efforts at each Lester B. Pearson high school. For example, each school hosts an annual "Open House" to allow students to learn more about programs and activities. Another transition strategy employed by Lester B. Pearson high schools is for grade 7 students to start alone on the first day of school to help ease the transition. On the first day of school, students meet their teachers, receive their lockers, and practice following their class schedule. The goal of the day is to familiarize the student with the demands of high school.


Montreal Hooked on Schools has put together an interactive website to shed light on the transition from Grade School to High School, through a series of informative games. Players can learn about using their locker, agenda, and public transit, as well as the different sources of stress one may experience in High School. 

There is also a page with important information for parents.

Transition from Cycle I to Cycle II

The transition from Cycle I to Cycle II comes with different challenges, expectations, and goals for students. Once students enter grade 9, they become part of Cycle II. Cycle II students are given increased freedom, responsibility, and are actively encouraged to self-advocate. Cycle II students are given more choice regarding their course options which helps to initiate the career exploration process. In grade 10 and 11, students begin earning credits to graduate, meaning that Cycle II is a critical period for academic success. High School Academic and Guidance Professionals work especially with Cycle II students concerning the course selection process. They help facilitate the course selection process by analyzing the students’ academic abilities, interests, and career aspirations.

Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements

In order to graduate, students must obtain 54 credits in Secondary IV and V and at least 20 of which must be at the Secondary V level. 

In addition, students MUST pass the following compulsory courses:

Please note that Graduation Requirements in Adult Education differ from the ones outlined above. For more information, click here.

At this time, the high schools do not have access to  official high school transcripts. To request an official copy of your high school transcript, please click here.